Capt. Tyler Howes


Captain Tyler Howes, a native of central Florida, epitomizes a life deeply intertwined with the waters of the Sunshine State. Growing up along the east coast, he embraced fishing from childhood, mastering the art of angling as he explored the region's diverse marine habitats. Now established as a waterman on the Space Coast, Tyler's passion for his lifestyle radiates through his dedication to sharing its wonders with others. His enthusiasm for the area's fishery is infectious, as he eagerly guides fellow enthusiasts to discover its abundance and beauty. With an invitation to embark on an adventure, Tyler encourages anglers to join him in experiencing the thrill of reeling in remarkable catches and forging unforgettable memories on the water. For those seeking an authentic and enriching fishing excursion, booking a trip with Captain Tyler at promises an opportunity to immerse oneself in the allure of the Space Coast's marine paradise.

Capt. Cabe Ferrari

Captain Cabe is a proud native of South Florida with an insatiable love for the great outdoors. Surrounded by the stunning landscapes of this region while growing up, I've developed a profound passion for all things nature. With the invaluable support of an incredible crew, I've honed my offshore fishing skills to offer unforgettable experiences to every guest who steps aboard our charter boats.

Nothing brings me greater joy than witnessing the thrill on our clients' faces as they reel in their first big catch, the sound of the reels screaming drag echoing the excitement of the moment. I'm eager to welcome you aboard Reaper Fishing Charters for your next fishing charter, where we'll not only chase the big ones but also forge lasting friendships and create cherished memories together. Let's embark on an adventure filled with laughter, camaraderie, and the wonders of Florida's Space Coast rich marine world.

Colbie Taylor
Age: 7 years old  Grade: 1st
Hobby/Sport: Surfing and Dancing
Favorite memory: Winning my 1st ever event in the 6U and 3rd in the Girls 10U.
About: I’m a fun beach girl who has been surfing since I was 4. I love surfing, dancing and skating. My favorite spots are Wabasso and Sebastian Inlet with my family. Check out our VOLG "Lay Days with Dad".
Age: 12 years old  Grade: 7th
Hobby/Sport: Surfing and Ice Skating
Favorite memory: Winning the Girls 10U push-in division and sportsmanship trophy my 1st year in surfing competitions.
About: I love Surfing and skating as well as learning about sharks. My Fav spots are Cocoa beach pier and Fort Pierce, Boca, & Ponce inlets. You can find me most mornings with my surf coach & dad getting my practice in. Check me out on Instagram @Surfing_Smores

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